All about MYRNA CLAYTON and how she reaches the masses and heals souls. Where Myrna is and what she is doing is the stuff of musical champions.

Nothing compares to the live performances of America’s Songbird Myrna Clayton. 

Audiences around the world get up to dance when Myrna sings; mesmerized by her soul-filled, profound musical message for all. Tagged “The Maynard Ferguson of Jazz vocals” by Jazz orchestra conductor in Kazan, Russia, Myrna is America’s Songbird, showcasing her versatility across a broad mix of American music: Jazz, Pop, Soul, Gospel, R&B, Blues, or Country. Myrna’s entertaining and uplifting performances are unforgettable, whether performing for a few or many, she invigorates the audience to dance and sing along, building a connected community in the moment. 



Enjoy nostalgic innovative shows  in "stellar" picturesque venues the likes of Atlanta's High Museum or various lauded concert halls around the world. Myrna Clayton of The Myrna Clayton Experience,  performs on behalf of nation leaders

with seasoned international travel agility as she represents American music culture. Myrna is known worldwide for producing successful sold out, audience engaging shows. As a staple of the world music platform, Myrna accepts government contracts with nations and municipalities.


Myrna Clayton gives students all over the world insight on everything from vocal ability, musicality, improvisation, stage presence and more. Myrna shares details on working from stages all over the world, performing at U.S Embassies worldwide and behalf of the U.S State Department. From the various cultural dynamics to actual governmental policies, Myrna is the perfect disseminator of priceless musical knowledge, experience and information. 





Myrna Clayton gives the disabled a chance to creatively express themselves through music and song. Watch as she gathers strategic partners and lends her musical prowess to raise funds and awareness to talented people hidden by their physical incapacities.