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"WE ARE ONE" ...WORLD  (From America and Namibia to the World)

"WE ARE ONE" ...WORLD (From America and Namibia to the World)

"WE ARE ONE" is an original song created and recorded in Namibia (Southwest Africa) featuring a collaboration of American and Namibian artists with photos/footage taken during the U.S. State Department's Arts Envoy Cultural Exchange tour of "The Myrna Clayton Experience" for the U.S. Embassy in Namibia. This song features five languages: Oshiwambo, American-English, Otjiherero, Khoe-Khoe Gowab, and Afrikaans. The message in the music expresses that we are all one people sharing this world together...and we all enjoy the same things: smiling - dancing - playing (sharing our gifts/talents). We are more alike than we are let's live together in peace. (Song lyrics translated below) CREDITS Singers/Rappers: Myrna Clayton, Adora Kisting, Bertholdt Mbinda, Tulisan, S-Man, Esme Katjikuru, and Erna Chimu Musicians: Gary Harris (Sax), William Menefield (Piano), Joel Powell (Bass), Marcus Williams (Drums), and Namibian Drummer (?) Engineer: Derick (Namibia) and Marcus Williams (USA) Music Producer: Myrna Clayton, Adora Kisting, Arrafath Muhuure, and Marcus Williams Video Production: Gary Harris and Myrna Clayton LYRICS TRANSLATIONS - "We Are One" (copyright 2021) Background Chants and Sounds Adora Esme Katjikuru Erna Chimu Tulisan (Oshiwambo) What brought us together is the Namibian sound... We are here to play from Namibian Kasi to America (Tulipuleni nawa) Let’s think Myrna Clayton (American) We Are onto something Sharing a world together Smiling, dancing, playing Let's make it last forever Bertholdt Subwoofa Mbinda (Otjiherero) My People, let us cut out the division and live in love and peace Let us love one another, Namibia from here to America We are one, let us stand united Myrna (American-English) Hello from America to Namibia Sharing our worlds cause that's what we're here for Hello to Nigeria, Czech and Slovakia, South Africa, and Cuba Adora (Khoe-Khoe Gowab) We are proud Black people (2xs) To show love To show Joy To demonstrate love S-Man (Afrikaans) I was born in Namibia, for Africa We eat kapana in Namibia Roasting snoek We eat kapana in Namibia With a bit of salsa I tell you bro Myrna (American-English) We Are One
Myrna Clayton
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