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I want everyone to "do their gift" look at me and see their possibilities. If I can do it, so can they.

Myrna Clayton

Nothing compares to the live performances of America’s Songbird Myrna Clayton.

Recently back from performing in Ghana at the 2024 Jazz in January International Festival, America’s Songbird & Worldwide Cultural Ambassador Myrna Clayton is a globally renowned singer, speaker, and author.  Clayton encourages cultural exchange & showcases arts/entertainment to embrace humanity in others, especially those unrecognized, underrepresented, or underserved.


Audiences around the world get up to dance when America’s Songbird Myrna Clayton sings.  Whether performing in the United States or abroad, her performances are simply unforgettable leaving audiences mesmerized by her soul-filled jazzy style.


Alabama-born and Atlanta-raised, America’s Songbird has performed on 5 of the 7 continents. As a solo artist, Myrna has performed in France (2xs), Germany (3 xs), Nigeria (2xs), Belarus (4xs), Russia (4xs - 17 cities), Costa Rica, The Netherlands, Switzerland, and most recently Ghana (January 2024). Myrna and her band, "The Myrna Clayton Experience", are commissioned by the U.S. State Dept. to represent American music abroad at U.S. Embassies worldwide. They have now performed in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, and Moldova (Eastern Europe); Namibia (Southwest Africa), and Guatemala (Central America) to foster cultural exchange.


Near and Dear to Myrna’s heart is advocacy for the musically under-served and under-represented worldwide - seeking to be the voice for those hidden in plain view.  Myrna started a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, SHOWAbility (, for artists and audiences across the disability spectrum to highlight their talents and unique abilities so as to help change the lingering stigma narrative. Her focus is accessibility and accommodations, especially for artists with disabilities. Everybody deserves a stage! 


While greatly influenced by Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Nancy Wilson, Minnie Riperton and Natalie Cole, Myrna proudly acknowledges that her singing roots began in the church.  Born in Alabama and raised in Atlanta GA, Myrna's father (minister and educator) and mother (librarian and archivist) instilled a drive within her for excellence and education. Myrna made her singing debut at the age of five in her father’s church.  She graduated from Atlanta’s prominent Northside High School, earned a BS at Alabama A&M University, and went on to achieve an MBA from Atlanta University, building a successful corporate marketing career first before switching to launching her career as a professional American singer.

America’s Songbird Myrna Clayton is beloved for her charming and generous persona, her gifted and authentic performing artistry -- and for being a loving force for humankind.  Her willingness to help others develop their artistry comes from Myrna’s belief in paying back a debt of gratitude -- for her gift of song. 

Artist-in-Residence/Performance Coach and Workshop Leader

America’s Songbird is a sought-after teacher, coach and, and workshop leader/speaker.  She has helped many to develop their artistry.  Myrna’s passion, professionalism, and extraordinary talent in the performing arts have been recognized by the Georgia Council of the Arts.  The Council has positioned her on their prestigious “Georgia Artists” roster.  Respected in the area of Artist Development, Myrna has led Master Classes around the world in Jazz Scatting/Improv technique, The Business of Music, Stage Presence, The Art of Vocal Diction, Gospel workshops,  Healthy Voice clinics, and clinics that specialize in music for people on the disability spectrum. With Georgia's growing film industry, Myrna also works helps develop and facilitate talent development of actors of all abilities.  

Myrna has coached students ranging from ages 9 to 60+ and is willing to develop "ready" artists at any age and ability.  She truly enjoys sharing, coaching, and encouraging others to perfect their gifts.  Myrna firmly believes that how you treat your gift, demonstrates to the Giver of the gift how much you appreciate your gift.



Advocacy embracing humanity in others, especially those unrecognized, underrepresented, or underserved.

...for Disability

Near and dear to Myrna’s heart is her fight for equity opportunities for under-served communities. America's Songbird is an Accessibility and Accommodations Advocate.  She started a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, SHOWAbility, Inc. ( in 2009 that supports performing artists (stage, camera, and crew) with disabilities and their adoring audience supporters (family, friends, and stakeholders) experience the joy of entertainment unhindered. Currently, SHOWAbility is creating a registry of Artists with Disabilities in Georgia and the Southeast called the Star Collective and in piloting a music and acting enrichment academy for talented middle school Inclusion students with 504s or disabilities called SPOTLIGHT Academy.   America's Songbird is passionate about Disability Rights are Civil and Human Rights!


...for International Cultural Exchange

Traveling the world, America's Songbird has witnessed first-hand the importance of valuing differences, celebrating similarities and honoring oneness. This has caused Myrna to be outspoken about Human Rights and acknowledging the historical context of the role of artists on the front line of social change...inside of America and abroad.  "We are more alike than we are different, so can we get along?" Myrna often asks her global audiences.

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